2018. 7. 30. 08:44

Please, read it first.


1. This blog is optimized in Desktop or Laptop environment.


So, I recommend you using Desktop or Laptop.

You can have several benefits including Google site translate and English menu etc in computer environment. And Chrome shows better performance than Iexplorer.  


Anyway, still you can access this blog through Mobile.  




2. I am going to update some tips on [Useful Tips]


2018/07/22 - [Useful Tips] - How to use Google Translate and Papago


I hope they can help you easier to learn Korean language.




3. Your Reactions will be welcomed!


Though I am Korean and a native speaker.

I am not a professional teacher but a volunteer. 


So, I am not sure if my blog is useful for you or not.

And I want to know if you are with me.

Also, you can tell me your idea, suggestion, whatsoever.




Thanks for your attention.