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2018. 7. 28. 19:07

모든 건 우연이 아니니까.

All of this is not a coincidence. 

이건 필연이야.

This is inevitable. or It's a fate.

두려워 하지마.

Don't be afraid. 


Don't look back.


Don't regret it!

우린 전생에도 아마 이생에도 영원히 함께니까.

In the previous life and maybe the next too, We're forever together.


If you want to know the pronunciation, then click the word. I connected those audio files. 

The audio service is provided by Daum and Papago..

우연 : coincidence

필연, 피할 수 없는 : inevitable, unavoidable

영원히 : forever

함께 : together

후회 : regret

두려워하다 : be afraid

I hope you can learn some sentences while you enjoy K-POP.

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