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한국어에서 아침, 점심, 저녁은 동음이의어입니다.

In Koran, 아침, 점심, 저녁 are homonyms.  

아침 : Morning or Breakfast

점심 : Noon or Lunch

저녁 : Evening or Dinner

When they are used as time - 시간으로 쓰일 때

좋은 아침입니다!

Good morning!

내일 아침에 만나요.

See you tomorrow morning.

오늘 저녁엔 뭐할 거예요?

What are you going to do this evening?

좋은 저녁(시간) 되세요!

Have a good evening!

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When they are used as meals - 식사의 의미로 쓰일 때

(아침/점심/저녁) 먹었어요?

Have you had your (breakfast/lunch/dinner)?

점심은 뭐 먹을거예요?

What will you have for lunch?

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If you want to know the pronunciation, then click the word. I connected those audio files. 

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내일 : Tomorrow

오늘 : Today

좋은 : Good / Nice

시간 : Time / Hour / Moment

먹다 : Eat

Did you know that??  

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