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Hangul ~~ Off The Beaten Track...

Korean Conversation 

Not Found in Textbooks~ The Real McCoy

For Foreigners by a foreigner

Part 1

Hi, My name is 인삼. I am not a Korean but I am interested in many things Korean.... Not necessarily bitten by the Korean Hallyu Wave but interested in the trueness of Korea itself....

The History, culture, people and particularly the language.

I have gone through my routes to immerse myself in Korean language and culture..

I have taken the textbook route. The textbook route is good in it's own way... it lays the foundation of the Korean Language like learning to read and write the alphabets etc but no matter how you try, there is always something that will be missing

The only way is to have real life conversations with Korean friends. I have a really good and close friend who I am grateful for the friendship and also the endless help and correction he tirelessly gives me. He is none other that the co editor of this blog that I am so priviledged and honored to share with him...

Anyway here are some things that I would like to share with you. Hope you find this useful  There's a lot of info but this is just a start..

1 ) 알겠어( 요 ) I got it..... I see.....

      when you tell someone that you get his point!

2 ) 그거 너꺼야?   Is that yours?

      asking someone if something belongs to them... in an informal friendly way

3 ) 어디 있지 (요)  Informally asking where is something? Maybe you lost something and need to find it..... usually for objects rather than a place.....

4 ) 좋겠어 (요 ) it has got to be good !

     This has a slight wow factor .....when you want  to tell someone that something is  good!

5)모르겠는데 .... A more polite but very informal way of saying that you do not know..... or are not sure  

6)어떤 거 ........which one?

    Asking which one is the one 

7)  됐어(요)..... Nevermind ..... forget it! .........

      Be careful..... this can sound a bit rude if used harshly

8 ) 아무 거나 괜찮아........ Anything is ok.... no difference

       For example, your friends ask you what you would like to eat for lunch today..?     

       You can answer " 아무 거나".......  meaning anything....... is ok

       아무 데나..... ㅡmeans anyplace....

To be continued.....Watch this space for part 2 etc

For starters I only give you a bit..

It"s enough for starters

I hope you practice this with your Korean friend........ NOT with your Grandma or  Seniors

Mine is friendly conversation...

Not too rude.... not too polite....

Just is!

till next time




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