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More expressions of Greetings



오랜만입니다.(Polite/Formal) / 오랜만이다.(to Friend or Junior)
Long time no see.



그 동안 어떻게 지냈어요?
How have you been?



안녕히 가세요.(Polite/Formal) / 잘 가.(to Friend or Junior)
Goodby / Farewell



다음에 다시 만나요(Polite/Formal)/ 다음에 보자.(to Friend or Junior)
See you next time!



내일 또 만나요.(Polite/Formal)/ 내일 보자.(to Friend or Junior)
See you tomorrow!



안녕히 주무세요.(Polite/Formal)/ 잘 자.(to Friend or Junior)
Good night!



보고 싶었습니다.(Polite/Formal)/ 보고 싶었어.(to Friend or Junior) 
I missed you.



새해 복 많이 받으세요.
Happy new year!



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Four Seasons - 사계절


If you want to know the pronunciation, then click the word. I connected those audio files. 

The audio service is provided by Daum.

한국은 사계절이 있습니다.
Korea has four seasons.


: Spring


여름 : Summer


가을 : Autumn


겨울 : Winter



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