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대니 랜드는 누구입니까?................ marvel comics guy...


Iron Fist is an American  TV series  on the web  that has been trending lately....

It's series of episodes are on Netflix and it's got it's loyal followers... 

I am not a movie  person..... I am not into drama.... be it American drama or K-drama or any other drama but strangely IRON FIST seems to call to me...

It beckons my curiosity and leaves me full of questions....

Not sure if because a close friend is hooked to it or it's my busybodiness that wants to check it out?

Here are my questions.....

1) Who is Danny Rand? 

   I know he is an only child. 

   I know that he lost his parents at a young age.

2) He lived in a monastery......what monastery? What happened to him there? 

3) He seems to be the sole survivor of some catastrophe...... what catastrophe? Mass poisoning of a city of people?

4) Rand enterprise....... His father and mother owned Rand Enterprise before they died 15 years ago.

5) Who taught Danny Rand martial arts?

Most important question of all

6) Why is Danny Rand so determined to become IRON FIST? Why did he come back to New York City? Who is his avenging? He wants to reclaim Rand Enterprises from Harold Meachum and his wretched family ?

7) What is Danny Rand's motive?  His ultimate goal and destiny?

Note Danny Rand is not the only Iron Fist..... there are others


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